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Melbourne Maxi Taxi Terms & Conditions Disclaimer

Melbourne Maxi Taxi Services goes to great lengths to make sure that we arrive every time and as close to the time as possible. However, there are unfortunately circumstances beyond our control that can causes our service to be delayed. Should we experience any such problems, we will notify the respective person or group as early as possible.

Please read the following Melbourne Maxi Taxi disclaimer that may affect your booking or pricing.

MAXI TAXI SERVICE: Due to the volatility of Melbourne traffic and/or weather conditions, Melbourne Maxi Taxi Services cannot guarantee the availability of a vehicle to carry out hirings or the timeliness of any bookings. In an attempt to provide the arranged service, Melbourne Maxi Taxis  may pass on your details to another service provider to carry out such services.

NO SHOW OF TAXI HIRER: In the event that the “booker” fails to cancel the booking or arrive at the designated pickup point or meeting point, Melbourne Maxi Taxis reserves the right to charge the full booking fee.

MAXI TAXI CANCELATIONS: Melbourne Maxi Taxis reserves the right to charge 100% of the total booking fee for any cancelations made within a 24 hour period and up to 50% for any cancelations made with more than 24 hours notice.

ILLEGITIMATE USE OF A FIRE EXTINGUISHER: If a passenger illegitimately uses a fire extinguisher, Melbourne Maxi Taxis reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of up to $2,000.

REMOVAL OF THE EMERGENCY EXIT HAMMER: The removal of the Emergency Exit Hammer will incur a fee of up to $75.

EXTRA STOPS: Melbourne Maxi Taxis may at its discretion charge up to $45.00 per extra drop-off or pick-up destination, within a 10 kilometer radius, but reserves the right to refuse to set-down or pick-up at any locations other than stated on an itinerary.

WAITING TIME: Melbourne Maxi Taxis may at is discretion, charge up to $60 per every half hour for the boarding of its passengers from the time of vehicle arrival or time booked, whichever occurs last.

CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR: Drivers will have the right to refuse any passenger(s) to board a vehicle, if he or she feels that the passenger(s) are intoxicated, aggressive or danger to any other passenger(s) or driver. If a passenger becomes aggressive during transportation, the driver may request that the offending person exit the vehicle or instantly terminate the service.

LITTER: If Melbourne Maxi Taxis deems there to be an excess of litter left in vehicle after a booking, Melbourne Maxi Taxi Services reserves the right to charge the user up to a $200 fee for cleaning and removal of rubbish.

SICKNESS: Melbourne Maxi Taxi Services reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of up to $180 for anyone who becomes ill inside a vehicle as a result of alcohol or food consumption.

CONSUMPTION OF FOOD AND ALCOHOL: Melbourne Maxi Taxi Services reserves the right to prohibit the consumption of food and alcohol on any vehicle. If passengers are found to be consuming food or alcohol, City Limousines may charge a fee of up to $120. There may be additional charges for any liquid spills or stain removal.

LOST PROPERTY: Any property left in a vehicle will be kept for a maximum of 3-months. If the owner requests their property to be delivered, any expense will be bourne by the owner of the item(s).

INFORMATION AND CONTENT: Any information contained in this website is for preliminary and general information only.

PHOTOGRAPHY: All photography contained within this website have been taken with consent or from copyright fee, public domains. If you realise that there are any photos that may breach copyright laws, please endeavour to contact us directly first in an attempt to resolve any issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read through Maxi Taxi Melbourne’s terms and conditions.

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